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Summer pool. “Children’s Protection Day” The basic view of the building

In a healthy body there is a healthy spirit! Children of the age of 5 in the sports room

Today I’m on duty. Practicing group

I want to be a dancer. Children age 7

Children’s visit of the Monument Of A. Navoi on the birthday of the poet

Water procedure in the pool

That’s my bed. Nilufar, 6 years old

What a wonderful world! In the garden of the Children’s House

Meeting with the wonders of nature. In the garden of the Children House

Andijon polka” presented by the kids from the practicing group

Sweet dreams in the smallest group

Very tasty” , though she is not my mom, she is a “stepmother”

The first feed in the babies group

Why am I here?? Where is my mom?

Disabled children in the sensor Class

In the class. The fourth year of life

Barber’s space. I’m learning how to put hair up. Oydin.

М. М. Music lesson. Funky “Xoresm dance”. The musician - Kushnir M. M.

The emblem

Bitter tears of loneliness. Babies group. The life is mean.

Who’s waiting for you, my darling? Where is your mom?

Practicing group’ 06 with the nurses of the group. Out of town excursion.

Out of town excursion.

Funky dance

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