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About us

Fergana Children’s Home started its existence  from 1932. More than 15000 infants have gotcosiness and warmth in this house since that time. At present the Children’s Home is situated in a  typical two-storeyed building, which was built according to an individual project, and where all conditions for the harmonic development of children without parents were created.
The children from birth to the age of 7 are grown up here. The children are divided into age groups. All in all there are 9 groups. One of them is a group for the disabled children.

All newcomers have a medical examination and adaptation period during 21 days.

The Children’s Home  is for 125 children. Now 104 infants are grown up here.

Group rooms consist of a hall, a game room, a living room and a toilet. Here the children live  many years. For creation  of domestic conditions in groups all means including the means  from sponsors on charitable are spent  in order that children felt care, were surrounded with attention and caress, had all necessary that is needed for the child at preschool age.

Besides the main living buildings there is  an economic block - a kitchen{cuisine}, a laundry, a medical branch where an isolator, a physical study, a procedure study, a study of the doctor and a drugstore are placed.

In the yard there is a playground, a swimming pool, flower beds, an orchard. The medical and pedagogical staff of the Infant’s House does all to brighten up the life of our children. But in many problems we depend on you, your help, people, whose   hearts burn with the fire of love, mercy to children.
The most part of the  office equipment, medical equipment, toys and food is got with the sponsor's help.

It is especially difficult with the problems of thorough repairs. In spite of the fact that the last years the city government have made repairs, annually we experience difficulties under repair of heating system, bathrooms, purchase of medical  and office equipment. Is it  possible to keep everything for a long time  where  more than a hundred of children are brought up?

But all these everyday problems mean nothing before a question of expansion of an outlook, intelligence of children, dialogue with adults and children living on the same planet - the Earth. In fact we adults  know very well, that the basic defect of backlog of speech of children at Children's homes depends on deficiency of  a  dialogue. Pay attention to a sight of children living in Children's homes where the question “Whose am I? Where is my mum?” is concealed.  So let's undertake  the decision of these problems all together.  It is necessary to do more kind things in life. We shall be grateful to you for any help.

      We need:

      Medical equipment :HAF, the Tube quartz, inhalers.

      Children's books and methodical manuals, tools for logopedists.

      Home appliances - the musical center, a video camera, gas cookers for kitchen, an electro meat grinder.

      Office equipment - a fax, a scanner

Thank you.     Let God bless you!